Samuel G Chiappone

Samuel G Chiappone
Director of Manufacturing Innovation

Phone: 276-8295
Room: JEC 3004/3018 3rd Fl


Sam received is AAS in Industrial Tech/Mfg. Option at Hudson Valley Community College in 1991.  He received his BS for Teacher of Technical Education Subjects at the State University of NY, Oswego in 1997 and received his MS in Management at Rensselaer.


Sam began his early career as a Journeyman Machinist at Mechanical Technology Incorporated and then received a position at Rensselaer as Journeyman Machinist and moved up to his current position as Manager of the Fabrication and Prototyping Resources.

Sam is responsible for the overall operation and management of manufacturing and prototyping resources within the Core Engineering Department of the School of Engineering. These resources include the Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory (AML), Multidisciplinary Design Laboratory’s Fabrication & Prototyping Area, Haas Technical Center, and the JEC Student Machine Shop.

His primary job responsibilities include;

  • Working directly with students and faculty members to assist with manufacturing requirements for academic project work,
  • Maintain a network of manufacturing resources, both internal and external to Rensselaer, capable of producing prototypes, components, or production batches of a product to support academic projects,
  • Safe operation of facilities
  • Managing access to facilities and equipment,
  • Identifying appropriate processes for each area.
  • Teaching a General Manufacturing Process (ENGR 2710) class Class manager for AML
  • Faculty advisor for Rensselaer’s student chapter of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (S-141) Staff & teaching assistant management .
Awards & Honors: 
  • 10/07 – ASME Design and Manufacturing Student Challenge, Atlanta, GA.Advisor for second place team.
  • 6/05 - Chiappone S., Smith R. A Discussion of Manufacturing Classes and Services Offered by Rensselaer’s School of Engineering’s Core Engineering Department in Support of Academic Programs, Looking Forward: Innovations in Manufacturing Engineering Education Conference, Cal Poly State University in San Luis Obispo, poster session and conference proceedings.
  • 4/04 – Blum, A, Paedelt V, Rusak, Paster, A, Chiappone, S. Rapid prototyping of wind-tunnel models. SME Technical Paper TP04PUB87.  (Second Quarter 2004)
  • 1/00 – Chiappone, S. Educating future engineers on rapid prototyping & tooling capabilities. Rapid Prototyping. SME.  (First Quarter 2000 Vol 6, NO.1)
  • 4/99 – SME/Rapid Prototyping-99, Chicago, IL, proceedings and presentation on Rapid Prototyping in an Educational Laboratory; Educating Future Engineers on Rapid Prototyping.
  • 10/99 – SME Region 4 - Manufacturing Education Excellence Award for AML Activities