Bath Toy

Full Project (PDF): 


Bath Toy Figure 2
“Bath Toy” Exploded view of final design


  • Create a water‐recirculating toy that allows children to safely play with running water
  • Toy is self‐pumping and provides multiple water outlets, unlike competitors

System Requirements

  • Normal Use and Abuse testing requirements and guidelines in ASTM F963 ‐ 11
  • 3 L/min to 12 L/min of waterfall
  • A minimum of 3 interactive features to vary water flow

Technical Accomplishments

Table 1 –Bath Toy Project Subsystem Accomplishments
Subsystem Accomplishments
Casing Modified profile of original design to add structural stability & internal geometries to aid in subsystem waterproofing
Inserts Integration of functional snapfit to bucket and waterwheel assemblies
Showerhead 1.5 m/s velocity at outlet
Hose 2.5 m/s velocity at outlet
Pegboard / Waterfall Eliminated separate waterfall features– lowered PIM cost.
Internals Final experimental water flow of 66.7ml/s was within the range stipulated by the patent (50 ‐ 200ml/s)


Team Members: 
  • Andrew Brumer (MECL)
  • Michael Leszczynski (ISYE)
  • Elliott McFarland (MECL)
  • Taylor Miller (MECL)
  • Jose Resendiz (MECL)
  • Reid Roberge (MECL)
  • Morgan Schweitzer (MECL)
  • Sierra Weiss (MECL)
Focus Area: 
Product Development
Project Type: 
Product Development