Cross-Flow Wind Turbine

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S16 Cross-Flow Wind Turbine
S16 Cross-Flow Wind Turbine


  • Better use of renewable energy.
  • Additional sources of power
  • Smaller form factor wind turbine technology


To develop a wind energy harnessing device that performs well in urban environments by minimizing upfront costs and limiting space consumption, noise pollution and rooftop stresses.


S16 Crossflow turbine overview
S16 Crossflow turbine overview


This semester's team had the following objectives:

  • Increase system efficiency
  • Improve inlet geometry to increase airflow to impeller fins
  • Design and implement guide vane to control angle of attack
  • Improve diffuser design to decrease air separation and improve pressure recovery
  • Improve measurement accuracy
  • Finish and test pressure sensor telemetry system to capture data at test location
  • Make improvements to current dynamometer system to decrease measurement error

S16 Crossflow turbine electronics enclosure
S16 Crossflow turbine electronics enclosure
Focus Area: 
Energy and the Environment
Project Type: 
Advanced Development
Chief Engineer: