Design Applications for Light Diffusing Glass Fiber Optics



To increase the customer base of FibranceTM (Light Diffusing Fiber) for Corning, through applications in the automotive and architectural industries.


Develop Enabling Technologies

  • Low cost, end of fiber reflector to achieve uniform light distribution throughout length: efficiency > 50%
  • Practical mounting solutions to aid in FibranceTM installation within architectural applications
Team Members: 
  • Joel Ahearne‐Ray (MTLE)
  • Heather Danielsen (MECHE/DIS)
  • Andrew Groskopf (EE/CSE)
  • William Howard (MTLE)
  • Levi Kennedy (MECHE)
  • Jacob Morales (MTLE)
  • Elena Steffan (MECHE/DIS)
  • Juancarlos Vivar (MECHE)
Focus Area: 
Product Development
Project Type: 
Product Development