Turbine Blade De-Icing with Microwaves - Antenna

Antenna Array Package Design


Wind turbine blades ice in cold climates

  • Decreased efficiency (36%)
  • Increase mechanical loads

GE wants technical evaluation of microwave deicing option


Design test system to deice 1 meter blade section

  • Microwave Generation – select microwave source and thermal management
  • Antenna –design to deliver 1 ‐ 2 kW/m 2 microwave power 4m away
  • Package –design module for antenna array suitable for tower mounting
  • Susceptor Materials –identify materials and application methods

Provide insight to full scale feasibility

Team Members

  • Curtis Brackett (MECL)
  • Kathryn Liotta (MTLE)
  • Steven Neyen (EE)
  • Carlos Quintana (EE/MECL)
  • Jacob Weidner (MECL)
  • Christina Weis (MTLE)
  • Joshua Whitney (MECL)
  • Eli Zervigon (EE)
Research Area
Energy and the Environment
Product Development
Project Type
Funding Agency/Sponsor
General Electric
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