Improved Hook and Loop Test Method

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Purpose and Objective

Develop test method to accurately predict performance of Velcro hook and loop fasteners in diapers.

  • Write test procedure for measuring peel and shear forces to simulate real world conditions of Velcro's hook and loop fasteners on baby diapers
  • Design and build test fixture to measure peel and shear forces under varying elastic pre-loads on a surface that simulates the geometry and compliance of a baby's body

Technical Approach

Problem Identification

  • Characterize fastener behavior in diapers

Quantify Parameters

  • Shape and properties of infant's waist
  • Determine spring constant of elastic diaper band

Develop Test Platform

  • Design fixture for peel and shear testing
  • Develop test procedure using new fixture

Verify and Compare Results

  • Perform gage R&R study
  • Gather data with new test fixture
  • Compare results to existing tests

Final Solution

Fixture in Shear

Fixture in Shear


Fixture in Peel

Fixture in Peel

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Reliability and Test Systems
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