iPhone Geotagging App

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Purpose and Objective


  • Create a phone application that will allow field technicians to accurately record wind turbine configuration information; by taking a photo that captures this information which is then processed and stored in a database.
  • Increase productivity and reduce costs of field technicians.



  • OCR – Tesseract (C++ Based)
  • Image Processing – OpenCV (C++ Based)
  • Front End App – Phone Gap (HTML & Java Script Based)
  • Back End App – Django (Python Based)
  • Database – SQLite 3 (SQL Based)



  • Image Enhancement can increase OCR accuracy
  • OCR reliably information from image
  • Smartphone App transfers photo and geolocation data, allow for manual correction, and auto-caches photo data in local database
  • Server seamlessly integrates subsystems, handles client requests, executes OCR, and interfaces with database
  • Stores work orders and turbine configuration data in database satisfying 3rd normal form
  • Performed Cost Benefit Analysis of project
Focus Area: 
Product Development
Project Type: 
Product Development
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