Peristaltic Pump

Full Project (PDF): 


Extend the life of flexible tubing with peristaltic pumps.

Purpose & Objectives

Create a mechanical design to support Perkin Elmer’s conceptual plan for extending tube life of a Peristaltic Pump.

  • Design and build a modified peristaltic pump with automated tube rotation during operation
  • Determine a viable concept for tube translation using the newest peristaltic pump model

Test Results

  • Tube rotated 100° while pumping water
  • Rate of axial movement affected rotation
  • Conducted a test using blue ink
  • Top picture indicates the control test
  • Bottom picture indicates tube rotation test
  • Ink smears around the circumference of the tube indicate tube rolling


  • Feasible tube translation concept design was created
  • Tube rotation design overcame the challenges of integrating an independent drive system with a rotated shaft in a compact space
  • Demonstrated a working prototype that achieved 120° tube rotation
  • Adjustable prototype operation can evaluate test parameters for optimization
Focus Area: 
Manufacturing, Automation, and Control, Product Development
Project Type: 
Advanced Development, Manufacturing, Product Development