What Kind of Projects?

Students can tackle a variety of problems — from R&D to sales and distribution. Some past projects include: 

  • Development of full supply chain cost model to evaluate next generation technology need in wind tubines: manufacturing to installation. 
  • Design and prototype of thin-film sensors for corrosion prediction. 
  • Build a scale working model of a novel, low magnetic noise, electric motor. 
  • Development of custom assistive devices with voice recognition, embedded controls and advanced manufacturing techniques for disabled individuals.
  • Prototype development of a smart adaptive-control system for factory automation. 
  • Exploration of information technologies and the system layout for a new investment trading facility. 
  • Market evaluation of new product applications for a powerful new semiconductor chip. 
  • Design of an asset management system for tracking product consumption by sponsor’s customers. 

Design Lab - Typical Product Lifecycle

Ready to Move Forward?

Do you have a great project idea but no way to move forward? Consider engaging a multidisciplinary Capstone student design team to assist. Please visit Submitting Project Proposals for more information and to submit your ideas.