Daniel Lewis

Associate Professor
Materials Science and Engineering

Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering (Lehigh University, 2001), M.S. Materials Science and Engineering (Lehigh University, 1997), B.S. Materials Science and Engineering (Lehigh University, 1995)

Focus Area: 
Mesoscopic Modeling in Materials|X|Morphological Evolution|X|Fuel Cells and Electrochemial Energy Conversion|X|Phase Transformations and Phase Diagrams

Prior to joining Rensselaer, Dr. Lewis was a researcher at GE Global Research. His work focused on oxidation performance and deformation processing of advanced ferritic materials for SOFC interconnects. In addition, he studied the metallurgy and electrical properties of amorphous and nano-crystalline soft magnetic materials, oxidation resistant coatings for superalloys, and infrared heating technology development. Prior to joining GE Global Research, he was awarded a two-year National Research Council post-doctoral fellowship. Under this award, he worked at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to study eutectic solidification microstructures using experimental and computational techniques. While at NIST he co-developed a technique for quantifying solidification microstructures in ternary eutectics. He also studied the effect of solidification velocity on the phase distribution in low-volume fraction ternary eutectics containing intermetallic phases. His computational work involve

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