Design Lab Faculty

Agung Julius
Control, Robotics, and Automation
Nima Ahmadi
Development of training interventions, behavior and performance evaluation using eye-tracking and wearable technologies, usability assessments and UX designs.
T. Paul Chow
Semiconductor Power Devices and ICs|X|Wide Bandgap Semiconductors|X|Semiconductors, Electronics and Circuits
Kathryn Dannemann
Director, Multidisciplinary Design Laboratory and Professor of Practice
Mechanical Behavior of Materials|X|Materials in Extreme Environments|X|Dynamic Behavior of Materials|X|Experimental Mechanics|X|Engineering Design
Partha Dutta
Semiconductor Optoelectronics|X|Nanotechnology |X|Crystal Growth|X|Solar Thermal Energy|X|Full Spectrum Photovoltaics|X|Full Spectrum Solid State Lighting
Sarah Felix
Professor of Practice
undergraduate education, including Controls courses, Multidiciplinary Capstone Design, independent study and advising
Mona Hella
Professor of Practice
High speed circuits for wireless/optical transceivers, Millimeter wave and THz integrated circuits, biomedical and energy harvesting interface ICs
Joshua L Hurst
Senior Lecturer
Junichi Kanai
Professor of Practice
engineering education|X|software engineering|X|systems engineering
Rostyslav Korolov
Social Media Analytics, Social Network Analysis, Data Science, Network Science, Human Behavior Modeling
Daniel Lewis
Associate Professor
Mesoscopic Modeling in Materials|X|Morphological Evolution|X|Fuel Cells and Electrochemial Energy Conversion|X|Phase Transformations and Phase Diagrams
Sandipan Mishra
Associate Professor
Dynamic Systems and Control|X|Precision Mechatronics|X|Unmanned Aerial Vehicles|X|Advanced Manufacturing|X|Energy Efficient Buildings
Prabhakar Neti
Professor of Practice
Electrical energy systems, Electric machines, Condition monitoring and online asset management of electrical equipment
Matthew A. Oehlschlaeger
Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs School of Engineering
Combustion|X|Propulsion and Energy Systems|X|Optical Diagnostics
Rahmi Ozisik
Associate Professor
Computational Modeling and Simulations, Polymer nanocomposites, Polymer processing and characterization, Protein structure and dynamics, Supercritical fluid assisted processing
James Rees
Electromicrobiology, Electronic materials, Electrochemistry, Bio-assembled nanomaterials
Shayla Sawyer
Associate Professor
optoelectronics|X| characterization|X|design|X|sensor development
Daniel Walczyk
Professor & Center Director, CATS
Rapid Tooling|X|Environmentally Conscious Design|X|Machine Design
Kyle R. Wilt
Wireless ultrasonic power transmission and digital communication |X|Piezoelectric transducer theory and design|X|Acoustic and ultrasonic wave theory|X|Embedded systems