T. Paul Chow

Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering

Ph.D. Electrical Engineering (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1982), M.S. Materials Science (Columbia University, 1977), B.S. Mathematics and Physics (Augustana College, 1975)

Focus Area: 
Semiconductor Power Devices and ICs|X|Wide Bandgap Semiconductors|X|Semiconductors, Electronics and Circuits

From 1977-1989, Dr. Chow worked at General Electric Corporate Research and Development, Schenectady, NY. In the first two years, he was involved with developing CVD processes and characterization of doped tin oxide and indium oxide thin films for transparent electrode applications in solid-state imagers. From 1979-1982, his work on refractory metals and metal silicides included the deposition and plasma etching of these films as well as their incorporation into integrated-circuit processes and performance characterization of test devices and logic circuits. From 1982 to 1989, he participated in the design and process development of various discrete and integrable MOS-gated unipolar and bipolar devices (such as the MOSFET, IGBT and MCT). Also, he was involved with process architecture and integration of high-voltage power integrated circuits. Since 1989, he has been in the faculty of the Electrical, Systems and Computer Engineering Department of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY.

Smart Power Devices and ICs using GaAs and Wide and Extreme Bandgap Semiconductors (2017)|X|Operating Principles, Design Considerations, and Experimental Characteristics of High Voltage 4H-SiC Bidirectional IGBTs (2017)|X|Current-Controlled Negative Resistance in High-Voltage 4H-SiC pin Rectifiers (2017)|X|Lossless Turn-off Switching Projection of Lateral and Vertical GaN Power Field-Effect Transistors (2017)|X|First Experimental Demonstration of High-Voltage, Quasi-Vertical Al0.8Ga0.2N Schottky Diodes on AlN Substrates (2017)|X|GaAs Power Devices and Modules (2016)|X|Characteristics of MOS Capacitors with NO and POCl3 Annealed Gate Oxides on (0001), (11-20) and (000-1) 4H-SiC (2015)|X|Monolithic Integration of Light-Emitting Diodes and Power Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Channel High-Electron-Mobility Transistors for Light-Emitting Power Integrated Circuits in GaN on Sapphire Substrate (2013)|X|Recent Advances in High-Voltage GaN MOS-Gated Transistors for Power Electronics Applications (2012)